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Gauntlets of Weasteress+1d2 STR CON DEX, Free ActionProb: 1 in 33
Gauntles of Extra Attack+1d2 Extra Attack, Free ActionProb: 2 in 33
Weapon of the Edain+1d4 STR, Slay Dragon, Sustain STR, FreeActionProb:5 in 175
Weapon of the Ents+1d4 CON, Slay Evil, Sustain CON, RegenerateProb:5 in 175
Weapon of the Halfling+1d4 DEX, Slay Orc Troll, Sustain DEX, Slow DigestionProb:5 in 175
Weapon of the Istari+1d5 INT, Slay Undead, One High Resist, Sustain INT, See InvisibleProb:5 in 175
Weapon of the Slaying+1d2 STR DEX, One Random SlayProb:10 in 175
Weapon of the Miar+1 All Stats, One Random Immunity, Slay EvilProb:1 in 141
Shooting Weapon of Ithilien+1d3 INT DEX, Extra MightProb:1 in 21
Armor of the PhoenixImmunity to Fire, See Invisible, Feather Fall, Regenerate, Free ActionProb:4 in 129
Armor of the Valar+1 All Stats, One Random SustainProb:4 in 129
Armor of the Ainur+1d2 All Stats, One High ResistProb:1 in 129
Shield of the DragonOne High Resist, Resist Fire, Cold, Acid, LightningProb:1 in 12
Boots of Woses+1d4 Stealth, One High Resist, Regenerate, Slow DigestioProb:3 in 27
Rod of Stone to MudMage 系以外は必須!?
Amulet of Regenerationリアルタイムなため非常に重要
Amulet of the ClericOne Power, Resist Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning


The Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Tom Bombadil+3 Speed Stealth, Resist Blindness, See Invisible
The Long Bow of Faramir+2 INT DEX, Resist Blindness, Regenerate, Slow Digestion, Extra Shot




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