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What's this?

``NetHack Code Utility (pseudonym)'' is Emacs-Lisp file for handling NetHack Code 1.1. You can generate/edit NetHack Code, and use it as X-NetHack Code mail header.

What you can?

M-x nh-code-generate
Generate NetHack Code interactively, and save it as file (default is ~/.nh-code).
M-x nh-code-edit
Edit your ~/.nh-code file.
M-x nh-code-delete
Remove one NetHack Code from your ~/.nh-code file.
M-x nh-code-insert
Insert your ~/.nh-code as X-NetHack-Code mail header.
M-x nh-code-view
In summary mode of Gnus, Wanderlust, Mew, MH-E, cmail, VM, RMAIL, you can decode/view X-NetHack-Code in present message.
M-x nh-code-view-region
Decode/view the region as NetHack Code.

Screen shots

Required Environment

With custom package, you can use

M-x customize-group[return]nh-code[return]

for configuring user options.

Known Bugs & ToDo

Status line
Can't decode status line, now.
Japanize not completed.
Only Japanese Info is available.

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